• GaN Technology
• X Band
• Band Width: 9%
• Output Power: 200W
• Pulse Width: 256 mSec.
• High Efficiency





Model SGN-X3-200 is part of our Catalog SGN series Solid State Power Amplifiers (SSPA). The SGN SSPA series is based on GaN technology. Utilizing the GaN technology enables us to provide our customers a lower cost SSPA, with high efficiency and higher packaging, while maintaining all of the advantages of the SSPA, such as High Reliability and Power Redundancy.

The application of this series of GaN based SSPA, is to fulfill various requirements of high reliable products at lower cost. Typical applications of this SSPA are for Radar, Data Links, Communications and Test Systems.

Following please find the basic block diagram of the microwave section. It consists of an input section with preamplifier stages and an power amplifier output section. The output section consists of summation of 6 amplifiers.
In addition to the microwave section, there is a proprietary designed asynchronous low-noise power supply and pulse-modulator.









 1   Frequency Range (GHz)  X band
 1.1  Bandwidth, %, max. 9
 2  Peak Saturated Output Power, min. (W) 250
 2.1  Amplitude Flatness, PTP, dB max.
 2.2  RF Out Amplitude Droop @ Pulse Width of 100 µSec, (dB), max 1
 3  Output Load VSWR
 3.1  For Max. Output Power, max 1.2:1
 3.2  No Damage 2:1
 4.1  Large Signal Gain, typ. (dB) 55
 4.2  Small Signal Gain, typ. (dB) 70
 4.3  Input RF Drive (dBm) -1 to +5
 5  Pulse Width (µs) max. 256
 6  Duty Cycle, max (%) 15
 7  PRF (kHz), max. 40
 8  Input Supply Voltage (V) 22 to 36
 8.1  Average Input Current @ 28V, max  (A 10
 8.2  Reverse Voltage Protection Yes
 9  DC Power Consumption, typ. (W) 280
 10  Efficiency, typ. (%) 20
 11  Tx enable external control1
 11.1  Rise/Fall Time, typ. (nsec.) 50
 11.2  Time Delay, typ. (nsec.) 200
 12  Operating Temperature Range (°C)  -40 to +70
 13  Other Typical Environmental
 14  Dimensions L x W x H (in) 9.0 x 7.0 x 1.6
 14.1  Dimensions L x W xH (mm) 228.6 x 177.8 x 40.2
 15  Weight, max. (Kg.) 3.5
 16  Connectors
 16.1  RF In SMA Female
 16.2  RF Out Waveguide WR90
 16.3  Power Supply D-SUB 7W2
 16.4  Control Micro-D 15 pin female


   1. Drain switching.


Option No. Description
G09 Guaranteed to meet Environmental

                                 DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHTS

  SSPA Model SGN-X3-400 Dimensions and Weights


Dimensions Tolerances, unless otherwise indicated: .XX ±.02; .XXX ±.005  

                                                            Wt: 70.5 oz ( 2Kg.) approx.