Application Notes for Microwave Oscillators

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Multi-Band DTO For EW and ESM Applications

Kratos General Microwave has developed numerous multi-band DTOs for demanding EW and ESM high-reliability applications, as shown in the

photographs. The key requirement for the EW Multi-Band DTO, as seen in Figs. 1 and 2, are compact size, low spurious and harmonic levels, and 45g rms endurance vibration levels. The unit includes 3 VCOs, 3 MMIC amplifiers, a switched lowpass filter, a custom hybrid electronic circuit, and RFI/EMI filtering.
Multi-band DTO RF side view
Multi-band DTO driver side view
The C-Ku band DTO (Fig. 3) includes 3 fundamental mode VCOs and 1 push-push VCO, 4 MMIC amplifiers, a SP4T switch, a switched lowpass filter, and associated electronic circuitry. The key requirements are suppression of the unused VCOs and fast settling tuning. The S-C band DTO (Fig. 4) meets similar requirements
C-Ku Band DTO RF Assembly
S-C Band DTO RF Assembly