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Linear VCOs

For narrowband (<5%) applications, Kratos General Microwave has developed proprietary techniques to achieve a high degree of linearity without the use of external linearizers.
Linear X band
An X-band VCO assembly with linearity of less than ±1% is shown in the photo. The assembly includes two MMIC amplifiers, a medium power MIC amplifier, two filters, a phase shifter and a MMIC SP2T switch. For specific requirements, please consult the factory.
Linear Ku band
The photo shows a Ku-band VCO with a typical linearity of better than ±5% for an airborne jamming application. The unit is designed for high speed modulation and also includes RFI/EMI filtering.
 Custom Linear X Band VCO
Custom Linear Ku Band VCO
Commercial GaAs FET X band
For X- and Ku-band applications where very low post-tuning drift and phase noise are not required, VCOs based upon GaAs FETs provide a cost-effective solution. In the photo, a GaAs FET X-band VCO, developed for a commercial radar application, is shown.



Custom Commercial GaAs Fet X Band VCO



Approved for Public Release – DoD DOPSR Case No. 14-S-0852