High & Medium Power Switches Selection Guide


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     Application Notes for RF Switches







Kratos General Microwave offers wide selection of High and Medium Power PIN Diode Microwave Switches. Current non-reflective and reflective switch designs will support HF, UHF, IFF, L-Band, C-Band and Multi-Band operation with design capabilities up to 18 GHz. These switches are ideal for use in various systems including Communications, IFF, EW, Radar, Test Equipment and other applications demanding high performance, high reliability devices.
The High Power Switches are capable of handling power levels of up to 1K Watts  the Medium Power Switches are capable of handling power levels of 30 Watts.
These High and Medium Power Switch designs are accomplished using PIN Diode shunt and shunt-series topology as required by the individual performance characteristics. Special materials are utilized for proper heat dissipation. A proprietary PIN Diode Driver, incorporating TTL control, has been designed for these switches. That driver is capable of supplying reverse bias of up to -100 Volts and forward current up to 150 mA.
Most of the High and Medium Power Switches are custom designs. Therefore, variations of Frequency Range, Switching Time, Operating Temperature are possible for many of the switches shown. Standard component packaging, utilizing SMA or TNC RF connectors are shown but Carrier drop-in configurations are also available is some models.